We all remember travelling down to seaside and having happy sing-along’s in the car, building glorious castles in the sand with fancy buckets when we were younger roaming around the beach for that elusive crab to poke with a stick and hoping that a seagull doesn’t fly down and try to steal your lunch like the sneaky things they are. Well if, like me you remember these being fun times even if the singing was a bit cringe worthy, then this is the game for you! You don’t even have to leave the comfort of your living room to play either.
The game of sandcastles is a fun easy to learn game but also incorporates a nice helping of strategy for all of you advanced board and card game players. The game in my opinion is an odd mix of the classic road building game “carcasonne” and the one game I think everybody in the world has played at least once: “rock, paper and scissors”. Now you might be asking how on earth two completely different styles of game might mix but somehow they do and the game of Sandcastles does it well.

The mechanics of the game are so simple that by your second or third turn you should have a decent understanding of the game. On each players turn you may play either a castle piece or play an attack card then draw a new card. You don’t just draw a new card from the deck either because that’s just boring each player will have the choice of 3 face up cards or a random mystery one from the deck. Sandcastle building pieces come in three forms Crab, Bucket and seagull and you can use any combination of the three in you sandcastle or sandcastle’s, the only special rule is that seagull cards can be placed on top of another card. Attack card’s also come in the same three types Crab attack cards can only attack a bucket, bucket attack cards can only attack a seagull and seagull attack cards can only attack a crab and this is where the rock paper scissors aspect comes into the game.
​The game actually has some good re-playability and this is mainly down to the different goal cards. There are a whole bunch of types for gaining extra points, some require you to match certain shapes others need you to have more of one type than another (more buckets than seagulls, for example) and finally there are cards that you need to have a large number of one type. Or you could just ignore all of those and build a monolith of a castle instead, it has worked for me on occasions! In each game you will have a set amount of goals, depending on how many players there are. On top of those there are two more: one for the widest sandcastle, and one for the tallest castle, the only way to build a high tower is by placing seagulls on top of each other. But be warned you might just be painting a big target on yourself for other people to steal your sandcastle tower. As I wouldn’t want you getting all those extra points. They are my points. Time for me to try out my seagull voice (mine, mine, mine, mine, mine, mine)

One rather major flaw of this game is that it is making me want to get down to the beach again and I am hours away from the beach, so this summer I’m going to play sandcastles in the sand with a few friends. As long as we don’t get attacked by seagulls that is….

Ease Of play
Simple and easy to grasp rules makes this game a must for people of any age. I have played this game with me 8 year old niece and she had no problems 100/100

Whoever would have thought that a rock paper scissors aspect would fit so well into a game, well done guys we can tell you have done your homework with this game.  80/100

Enjoyment / Re-playability 
We all love building sandcastles and the goal cards makes sure that no 2 games are the same 80/100

Setting / Story / Lore 
it’s a story about building sandcastles and makes me feel like im 8 years old again so this gets a high score 80/100

Final Score 85/100
I can answer why you should get this game with only 3 words “it’s a sandcastle” and if you don’t like sandcastles then why on earth are you reading this????????

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