Zombi is originally from the Wii U and has been ported over to the PC PS4 and Xbox ONE with the obvious change that there is no Wii U pad but I will get to how that changes the game later on. The game itself is set in the good ol’ city of London utilizing the vast network of underground railway stations that act nicely as a kind of fast travel between the different areas of London that the game is set in. As you would expect some of the most historic places in London are displayed nicely (with the exception of it being completely zombie infested of course and splattered with copious amounts of blood and gore on the walls), such as Buckingham Palace and the Tower of London. To be honest if you’re going to set a game in London then why not use these iconic places.

One of my Favourite features of the game is a small system that i have not seen in many other games where the character you play does not have multiple lives. Just like in a real zombie apocalypse so if your character is mown down in a zombie fuelled rage by a pack of bloodthirsty commuters then that person is dead along with all of your loot, so you restart with just the basic equipment and have to undertake an arduous journey to retrieve your previous stash. There is however one major flaw with this system which is if you die while trying to retrieve your stash of goodies then the stash disappears as the game will only allow for of bag of loot at a time. So please be careful, as on more than a few occasions I lost some good gear (Sighs, i miss my spiked baseball bat). Also the practice and experience you had with weapons is gone and you start again with only basic knowledge of how to use firearms – you have to use them to level up the character in those skills again. All In all I like the playing multiple survivors it makes the game more realistic it turn that makes you fear more for the character you are playing.One of the main features of the original game was the Wii U remote as in the game you have an item called the prepper pad that is used for many functions in the game such as scanning for items and infected citizens, hacking the local CCTV cameras ect, so whenever you would use the prepper pad the game would just show your character on the screen and all the action would be on the Wii U remote. This is nicely ported over by simply showing the prepper pad on the screen, I should mention that if you look at the prepper pad or search through your backpack the game still continues on so you had better make it quick, or preferably clear the area of zombies before you decide look through your wares.

Zombi is a survival horror game and I have to say that the game does it well – it’s difficult to survive and that always makes me slightly scared in a game. It also has a generous amount of jump scares thrown in just for fun. As I am known as the Scarediest Gamer I will be keeping a rolling log of how many times I was made to physically jump out of my seat.

The game starts with you running down a hellish nightmare of underground subway tunnels away from the infected and falling through a set of air vents to escape being forced to join the ranks of the undead. A mysterious Voice will be heard through the overhead tannoy system and introduces you a character known only as the Prepper (it turns out that being a madman preparing for doomsday can sometimes work out). You have fallen into one of his safe houses, lucky you, and he kindly gives you one of his prepper pads, explains how useful it is, and is frankly honest about explaining the fate of the last person that didn’t take his advice. It’s time to set out on your first mission to retrieve the vital backpack known as BOB (Bug out Bag). A few hits to the head with a cricket bat will soon solve that problem.
As you begin to plunder your way through the infected streets of London you can collect a nice array of weaponry: the trusty shotgun has to be my favourite as I think you should always use a shotgun when fighting zombies, as well as a basic pistol, rifles, crossbows and a few others. Ammo will always be a problem as it’s rather scarce so you might be forced to use different weapons to survive. And that’s just your firearms! There are a few nice melee weapons and the obligatory spiked baseball bat. Grenades and flares can be a life saver too throwing a flare to lure the horde followed by a swift grenade can be a lot of fun, I call it Zombi bowling. Melee combat itself can be tricky but I found myself using it a lot to save on ammunition and quickly became the combat master. Or so I thought, until I decided to deliver a great hit to an infected with a mysterious green tank on his back and although the zombie was blown into a thousand pieces, I was too! Luckily my BOB survived and I was able to retrieve my previous loot.


There is a nice overall plot to the game that starts when you enter Buckingham palace the prepper (who I think can get a little annoying to be honest) can’t hear you inside the palace. Now we are introduced to a mysterious doctor of the royal family, who has researching the outbreak and could use your help to finally bring an end by making a vaccine. As you leave contemplating on the good doctor’s words you are contacted by a group called the Ravens of Dee and a woman named Sondra who has a helicopter you can escape with. However, the Prepper doesn’t trust her and you shouldn’t trust anyone here. The plot is nicely mysterious with a few twists and turns it’s up to you to decide who to root for as I was torn and didn’t know who to trust. Play for yourself and see what you think.

Throughout the game I found myself using the prepper pad a lot, scanning every little item and trying to decipher mysterious clues in invisible ink left by the Ravens of Dee, before carefully proceeding forwards. This approach did slow me down a lot but you get the feeling of dread and need to keep your character alive for as long as possible. However there is always the chance of a hidden zombie jumping out on you. I’ve have only dropped the controller once this way, but about 4 hours in I have jumped 5 times. My next few hours of gameplay were a little quiet I might have been due to the fact I got a little lost, but the final 4 to 5 hours game play were intense and I fell off my chair 2 to 3 times an hour on average!

The overall length of the game was a little short in my opinion as it took me just under 13 hours for my first play through, though I do have to mention that I was playing the game on its easy option. There is no hard mode instead there is a survival game where you must play through the game as only one survivor. I’m yet to manage this: I think I have done well enough, but that mode is for the true hardened players or just to have a bit of fun and attempt to run through as much of the game as possible before getting chomped on.

Like in every game there are a few bad points some of these are worse than others. One point that bothered me was that using the prepper pad kind of took away some of the exploring aspect as you can immediately distinguish if there is an item in a suitcase or a drawer. English stereotypes is another small problem that didn’t bother me too much, I can understand the fact that there are going to be beefeaters in the Palace and the Tower of London but what really got me was during the ending credits where God save the queen is playing. That to me was definitely over the top. They pale in comparison to the one thing that left me screaming at the PC: I had escaped the zombie soaked capitol and wanted to return to the game to find those last few pesky collectables but I only had the option to restart the game I was 3 collectables away from completing! I get that it’s a true survival game but now I have to play through the entire game and find the last 3 collectables, the game is fun so I suppose it can be forgiven for this.

Game play and controls – After a little bit of practice I like to think I mastered the controls quite well and became confident at running around and the game play I enjoyed it was good how they managed to port this over from the Wii U So this gets a Strong 4/5


Sound and Music – The sound did its job well and left you worried about turning around certain corners when the dramatic music started, but nothing was particularly new. To be fair though, while it did scare me, I’m only going to give this game a 3/5

Graphics – Nice use of different weather types throughout the game day and night, from storms and nice sunny (zombie filled) days. Apart from the occasional rain indoors when you run into a tunnel, I was impressed 4/5

Story/Immersion/Re-playability – Top class Job of immersing you into the game I truly felt like I was there and helplessly stuck. Good re-playability in the survivor mode so. – 4/5

Final Score – 15/20

Developer: Straight Right
Publisher: Ubisoft
Release Date: August 2015
Genre: Zombie Survival
Platform: Pc, XBoxOne, PS4

Watch The Trailer Here