10 Second Ninja
Written By Aiden

10 Second Ninja is a fast paced and comedic infuriatingly addictive platformer published by Mastertronic (available on Steam for £6.99 for PC and Mac). This wild adventure follows you (a ninja) destroying every Nazi bot you come across and defeat Robot Hitler because you know….. Robot Hitler…..Plus ninjas are freaking awesome.

Referring to my previous point 10 second ninja frustrates me, no, calls upon the demon of Cthulhu itself to just taunt me every time I complete a level  by adding a few milliseconds to the total duration. Trust me it takes some skill and many… MANY attempts to just try and get 2 if not 3 stars at the end of the level as the quicker you complete a level the more stars you get out of 3. The star rating criteria is: 1 star for completing the level in 10 seconds; 2 stars for accomplishing with in a time threshold and an even smaller threshold for 3 stars.However because of the number of times I had to repeat the same level it began to feel monotonous. This really let the game down at times causing me to stop playing. But it was taunting me.  As any player would feel knowing that you were just a millisecond off from advancing to the next stage meaning I had to be more efficient with destroying Nazi robots. This adds another aspect to the game through puzzles by making you work out the best method of destruction. Since the timer doesn’t start until you move (except on the hardest setting) you have plenty of time to do this.

Overall Gameplay is pretty basic from the opponents not doing anything but this is made up on the very tight time limit (making it very frustrating). And after a while can be monotonous but this can then be overlooked by the determination you will have to beat your personal best to advance to the next area.
Graphically it is pretty basic but most likely to a good cause as to not distract the player from the overall objective of the game. Music wise there is a sense of urgency which adds to the impending rage quit.  The game starts with a tutorial on how to play the game with the current key bindings (which can be rebound and a controller can be used (Which can feel slightly easier)). Overall game play wise you have to be very efficient with if you want to 100% the entire game and the difficulty just get exponentially harder if you are a casual player. The content of the game is not much due to all you can do is beat your own and your friend’s high scores, try obtaining the coveted 3 stars and hunting achievements.

The controls are pretty simple with the ability to rebind keys and use a controller if desired – 3/5

The soundtrack of the game fits in with the game nicely with the ninja theme of the game and the constant feeling of urgency in its soundtracks but it does get annoying after a while – 3.5/5

Graphically like I mentioned before the graphics feel basic but for a good reason of trying not to distract you from the game in trying to obtain your best time for each level – 3/5

Story/replay-ability there is a story for this game but if you find this game difficult you’ll forget about the story from the rage you may be having at the game. However because of the frustration it causes the game to have a form of replay-ability as it taunts you on how close you are to progressing to the next area. Mainly because of the taunting of so close you are but still so far – 4/5

Overall I rate 10 Second Ninja – 13.5/20

Watch The Trailer Here