Last Night On Earth
Written By Dirtnap

Do you like stabbing the sh*t out of zombies with pitchforks, or setting them on fire with Molotov’s? Better yet, slicing them in half with the mother f*ing chainsaw that is going to skin your ass raw, Leatherface style? Or alternatively do you like playing as a zombie getting to rip the flesh off of your unsuspecting victims and tucking into a brain burger with a side order of intestines? All whilst listening to a super awesome soundtrack and playing with some cool ass looking models? Making the game seem like you actually are the characters fending for your lives, or the ravaging zombies chasing after your scared victims. Need I say more? OK well I suppose I have to….

Last Night on Earth is a 2-6 player cinematic board game, made by Flying Frog Productions, where you have to scavenge, loot and haul for items to defend yourself against the relentless hoards of zombies, all before the sun rises otherwise sh*t hits the fan and the zombies overthrow you and you all die.

However before you do all inevitably die (or not depending on how good your skills and weapons are), you do get to play as some awesome stereotypical survivors of a zombie apocalypse such as; The Sheriff, the Jock, the Holy Priest, and the High School Sweetheart, each with their own unique abilities for survival and ultimate ass kicking in the ass kicking business. My personal fav is Jake the Drifter as he is very resourceful and often drunk (just like myself) not to mention he also shares my name. This is also another reason why the game feels so real, by giving the characters names and being able to personalise based on their traits, makes you feel as if you are the characters themselves.

Unfortunately as a zombie you don’t get much individualism, however if you do start getting attached to your flesh chomping pals you can always name them and paint the models to give them your own unique style!

Up to four players can control the survivors whilst two control the relentless hoards of zombies and game play always starts with the zombies going first.

Before starting the game you can chose randomly from multiple unique scenarios/ missions where there is an array of things to do.  From straight up zombie slaughtering, to saving townsfolk, or searching for fuel and keys for the truck to GTFO out of the place, each with their own number of turns to complete the tasks before sunrise.

Board set up compromises of six “L” Shaped tiles, picking four randomly to go around the centre square, (which depending on the mission type can either be a grassy field or a derelict mansion) ready to fend off the hordes trying to come in to have a piñata party.

Combinations of the random modular tiles and multiple missions allows for a different dynamic game each time. This creates massive replay-ability for the game as you are never stuck, doing the same sort of scenarios over and over and over and over again…….. *starts snoring*

This is also a good time to mention that should you have played this game over a million times, even with the magnitude of swapping and changing, get slightly bored (which you won’t), there are even more scenarios/ tiles/ characters and zombies to pick from. With three expansions to buy and over seven supplements and multiple different coloured/ types of zombies, the possibilities are endless. If that doesn’t want to make you run down to your local gaming store and instantly grab a copy of the game, then you clearly don’t like board games and shouldn’t be reading this article.

To start the game all persons controlling the zombies and heroes are placed on the board, zombies placed evenly on the zombie spawning pits and heroes in their respective spots as stated on their character card. The heroes have to move around the board searching for items and weapons in various places/ buildings taking cards from the hero pile.  Whilst the zombies have their own hand of cards to disrupt the heroes and make it easier to get their combo brain meal, inflicting wounds on the characters and eventually killing them. Even after death in some missions the heroes can be resurrected as Hero zombies so until the game ends, no-one is truly out of the game, further adding to the fun of the game as even if your mate Dave is terrible and dies in 2 turns, at least you know he’ll also suck at being a zombie.

Depending on the mission type the heroes can either team up to help each other or if they are feeling pretty ballsy can go solo.  Either way game cannot end until the sun rises or the heroes complete the mission and usually lasts around 60-90 mins. Unfortunately heroes cannot go wild and start shooting/ killing each other voluntarily, though some zombie cards can make the male and female characters fall out and start arguing with some hilarious consequences.

Ease of Play: The game can be relatively awkward to set up and play to begin with, but as soon as you get the hang of things it’s easy to play and will give an almost infinite amount of fun. 3/5

Innovation: Although being another zombie killing board game, it does have some unique features, such as the cinematic feel and the awesome sound track, which you can tell Flying Frog Productions has thought outside of the box to really make this an exciting and interesting game. 4/5

Enjoy-ability/ Replay-ability: As mentioned before with the multiple mission types, modular tiles and magnitudes of expansions and supplements, it will easily keep you and your mates entertained for hours upon hours, of blood sweat and zombies’ guts. 5/5

Setting: Being isolated in a small town in the middle of nowhere, fending of waves upon waves of zombies with people you hardly know, all whilst listening to the most epic of epic sound tracks, making you feel as if you are in the game yourself. Cannot say more 5/5

Overall this game is relatively epic and will never let you down for a couple hours fun with your mates. Can’t really say more other than go out, buy the game and start slaying zombies or munching on humans yourself. Either way if you do or don’t, this could be your last night on earth. 17/20

Publisher: Flying Frog Productions
No of Players: 2-6
Release Date: 2007
Platform: Board
Genre: Horror