Playing Games With Grim Tree Games

Here we play King Of Tokyo & Cockroach Poker

Come join the Dark Cleo Team with Guest Mark Collins owner of Grim Tree Games as they play through an exciting game of King of Tokyo and then a silly game of Cockroach Poker to finish off their first ever tabletop stream on Twitch.

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Thanks to Mark for donating a great prize for our first show and please go check out his online games store at and also his own You Tube channel by the same name for unboxing, reviews and lets play videos.

Congratulations to AgentBSmith for winning the for winning our very first PRIZE! live Twitch stream draw.

Feedback is very important to our team and since this is something completely new to us we aren’t going to get it right the first time and probably not the first few times but we hope to learn as we go and improve our equipment and talent with your help and support.

David Mills
Becky Hirst
Jordan Brannan

Mark Collins – Grim Tree Games

Productions Assistants & Techies
Charlies Tomlin
Robert MacAllister

Video and Sound Editing
Robert MacAllister

Special Thanks To
Esdevium for supply the board game and many more we will be showcasing in future episodes.

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