Lets Play Pie Face

Here we play Pie Face

In the second part of the last tabletop stream the Dark Cleo Team get very messy and very silly as they take on Pie Face a new kids game were you place your face in the way of a mechanical hand full of whipped cream. The stream quickly becoming a childish mess as each member takes their turn in front of the device. There is also some type of score that is kept and hopefully you’ll be able to follow that as the chaos unfolds.

After the cream had run out and the team was clean enough to continue the give away winners are announced for the earlier social media competition and the live stream give away for a copy of Frankenstein’s Bodies which was played on the previous part of this Episode.

CreditsSpecial Thanks to Yay Games for supplying the prize and Rocket Games for supplying Pie Face.

David Mills – @SignalsDarkCleo
Becky Hirst – @DarkCleo
Jordan Brannan @PurpleJord

Craig Norton – @c9952594
Mike Brown – @Mentalmke10

Production Assistant and Editor

Robert MacAllister