Dave (aka Signals) is the Charity & Fundraising Director of Dark Cleo Productions and second in command on the team. Also a leading presenter of our Twitch “Let’s Play” series and resident LARP and Tabletop guru, Dave can generally be found with a rulebook in his hands trying to master the hundreds of Tabletop titles in the Dark Cleo games library
Dave has adored gaming for as long as he can remember, and can generally be found running around a field dressed as a Hobgoblin in his spare time. When not gaming Dave is a passionate fan (and critic) of Films and TV shows. Daves favourite things consist of

What is Dave up to….

Currently Watching on TV;

• The Defenders

• The Spectular Spider-Man

• Killjoys

• Preacher

• Twin Peaks

Latest Films;

• Spider-Man Home Coming

• Baywatch

• Wonder Woman

• Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2

• Alien Covenant

Currently Playing Video Games;

• Friday the 13th

• Trails Fusion

• 7 days to die

• Ark Survival Evolved

• Oxygen Not Included

Currently Playing TableTop;

• Kemet

• Dead of Winter

• Mush! Mush! Snow Tail 2

• Flash Point

• Ominoes

All time favourite games;

• Halo Combat Evolved

• X-Com Series

• Puerto Rico

• Kemet

• Borderlands 2

• Dark Moon

• Small World

• Ark Survival Evolved

• Fallout 4

• Battlestar Galactica