One Finger Death Punch

The aim of this fast paced action game is to take the idea of a traditional side scrolling brawler game, and strip it down to its basest form. And it’s hard. Picture Dwain Johnson made of stone. It starts relatively easy, but quickly piles on the pressure to create a genuinely challenging experience.
The game has a uniquely simple art style at first glance, with the player character and all enemy types represented by differently coloured stick figures, but the simplistic art style does not mean that the game is lacking from a gameplay point of view.In One Finger Death Punch, the player cannot move their character, but instead controls the action by timing their mouse clicks with the positions of enemies on the screen. This control method makes the gameplay more akin to that of a rhythm game than a brawler, with the traditional system of combo attacks replaced by seemingly random moves generated by how precise you are at timing your strikes. This may sound dull, until you realise just how responsive the game actually is, with the character reacting instantly to your clicks and moving across the screen at ludicrous speeds. The combat is surprisingly tactile, with a real sense of impact behind every strike.
Speaking of impact… FINISH HIM!
After each level, the game accelerates, increasing the speed of enemy generation as well as the difficulty of enemies. This is what causes what should be a relatively simple game to become a nerve wracking test of skill and speed as you scramble to combo the right clicks together to hold back the increasingly intense tide of bad guys. Fortunately, if you fail a level, the games speed metre will decrease, ensuring that it will always be possible to beat each level.
Despite the name, the game has a wide variety of weapons and upgrades to collect. 4 hours in, I have seen at least 15 different weapons, each with its own custom animations and combos, and a set of 25 unlockable passive skills, as well as 4 different fighting styles, varied between arenas, ensuring that watching stickmen Kung-Fu never gets boring.
Not quite Dance Dance Revolution, but the concept is there.
Weapons include Swords, Clubs, Staves… and other stickmen.
All in all, the game is very impressive, especially for one created by a studio known for making flash games, and Xbox LIVE arcade titles, and is defiantly a contender for Stickman Kung-Fu Badass Simulator of the year.
I would recommend this game to all fans of the rhythm, or brawler genres, but I’d say to avoid it if you are looking for a more casual experience as this game is rock hard. Also note, this game likes strobe lighting effects, so any sufferers of epilepsy or similar should take care when considering this game.


Gameplay and Controls: As I said above, the game plays excellently, having extremely responsive controls and enough variety in the moves and power-ups to keep things from getting boring.  4/5Sounds and Music: The game’s music consists of a couple of different short tracks that alternate between levels. It can get a little repettative, but you don’t generally stay alive long enough for that to be an issue. The other sound assets are solid, espscially the sound effects when fist fighting. 4/5

Graphics: The game has a very simple graphics style that works extremely well for the concept, and an animation style that looks fluid and professional, which really helps the brawling come to life.  4/5

Story/Immersion and Replayability: There is no story to speak of, as the game’s progression focusses entirely on moving forward to unlock new abilities ect, rather than using a narrative to keep people playing. However, despite this, the game has an excellent amount of Replayability in both the normal and the survival mode, as you’ll want to keep coming back to unlock everything, perfect each level, obtain all the power-ups, and beat you friends high score. 4/5

Final score: 16/20.

Watch The Trailer Here