At Dark Cleo Productions we would love to be a part of your upcoming events! Our team has several years experience running shows and specialist areas, even better we only charge for our expenses! Any profits made will be donated to Special Effect and we will make sure to include the name of your show in this donation. Following is a brief description of the different services we offer, please get in touch through our contact page for further details.


Tabletop – With over 200 titles in our Tabletop collection we have something for everyone for your events Tabletop area! We also have prices to fit every budget as after costs all proceeds will be donated to Special Effect.

Cosplay – The Dark Cleo Productions crew has a wealth of experience running Cosplay stages, areas, masquerades and content. If you want Cosplay to be a feature which draws people to your event we can provide an experience that your attendees will never forget!

Video Gaming – With over 500 gaming titles and hardware such as PSVR and Rockband sets we would be happy to provide a custom Video Game area for your event. All our staff are well versed in handling the equipment and demonstrating it’s uses and can even organise and manage tournaments and other features to add a little extra to the standard play area.

Roleplay – Our game designers can create custom Roleplay scenarios for your events including Tabletop RPGs, Larp or Escape the Room adventures. Add a feature with a difference and make your attendees part of the adventure

Event Management – Need some help and advice getting your event off the ground? Our managers have years of experience running different expos, conferences and markets and would be happy to help you ensure your event makes it’s mark.

Private Functions – Need something a little extra for your own private events? We can cater any of the above options for teambuilding days and personal functions. As these are tailored to your individual needs just get in touch and we would be happy to discuss options with you to make your event stand out as something a little different.

Game Testing & Reviews/Streams

Game Testing – As designers, reviewers and passionate fans our team has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to game design. If you need game testers for your Tabletop, WarGaming or Roleplay system feel free to get in touch. A number of our crew have also worked as QA testers for Video Game titles and any donations given for this work will go towards aiding Special Effect!

Reviews – If you have a game title that you would like us to review we would be more than happy to put your latest title through it’s paces! We review gaming titles across all platforms and are up to date with most of the latest hardware releases. We also review events, if you would like us to come along as press and feature your event in our upcoming and reviews section feel free to get in touch.

Streams – Want your latest game featured on our streams? Not a problem! We stream Tabletop, Roleplay and WarGaming titles so you can show off your design work and visuals as well as Video Games. We can stream on any platform and have a large team to promote any multiplayer aspects as well as PSVR releases. For more information feel free to get in touch and remember that any profits made will be donated to Special Effect.

Sponsorship & Affiliation

If you would like to get more involved with Dark Cleo Productions, through collaboration or sponsorship then we would love to hear from you! We have a variety of options for companies or individuals to become sponsors or affiliates of our company and any profit the company makes will go to helping the amazing Special Effect.