The Escapists
Written By Purple Jord

The escapist might sound like a simple game but i can assure you that it’s not but then when was escaping from prison ever easy? You play the role The Escapist you are the master of your trade and there is not a prison that can hold you well not for too long anyway. You have escaped from so many prisons that you don’t even remember why you locked up in the first place! Breaking out is just what you do, and damn are you good at it.
The first level starts out with a nice stay at center perks where you get all the luxuries like cable TV. and caviar accompaniments with your dinner or even just spending your free time lolling at cats on the internet, this place sounds almost too good to be true, well it is and after all you have a reputation to keep. you need to be free so by the time day one starts you should already formulating a plan of escape, should you befriend the inmates to aid you or even fall into good graces with the guards, plot a daring rooftop escape with grappling hooks ropes and ladders like something out of a James bond movie sneakily crawl through the air vents (humming the mission impossible tune of course) or carefully cut your way through the fences or even start tunneling and make your great escape. The choice is yours because in the escapist there is only one goal to escape! But how you choose to go about this is entirely up to you there are numerous ways of gaining freedom so what’s best for you?
Crafting in my opinion is the most integral part of the game every good escapist needs their tools and a healthy amount of duct tape doesn’t hurt. But as in all prisons certain items have to be hidden away because if you’re subject to a cell search and your found holding contraband items then it’s a nice stay in solitary. not all items are contraband and  weather its making tools like shovels, wire cutters or even a raft maybe arming yourself with the latest in prison technology (nun chucks and padded inmate outfits are my favorite, it’s a winning combination) all these and more are contraband items. however there are ways to hide such items you can hack down the wall and hide things behind it or just stash it in the vents, but if you in a pickle then flushing them down the loo might be you only option but don’t flush too much as your toilet might over flow and then you’re gonna be in trouble. You could play the safe game and not combine items, however that takes up valuable inventory space and you need your tools to escape. So just be careful and hide the goods.
On each escape attempt you can name all of the prisoners and guards, which adds a nice touch to the game, give them comedy names just for the fun of it or name the guards after your enemies so you don’t feel bad when you beat them up. This feature just makes it all feel more personal like you’re actually stuck in prison, all the more reason to escape.
This game takes me back to my old days where the graphics were simple but the playability is endless, the games you can play for days on end without getting bored, and this game will take days as well so many times where i have been on the cusp of escape only to have it foiled by something so simple, you really need to cover your own back any evidence of digging, unscrewing the vents breaking down a wall or just getting into fights with other annoyed inmates can land you a one way trip to solitary where you can spend the next 3 days reflecting on your actions and planning how to do it better next time

The game is nice and if you do happen to get caught it will tell you how to not get caught next time and tell you all the components you need to cover your tracks i remember this from when i bravely entered the air vents to find a route of escape but i forgot to place a fake vent cover and was quickly spotted by a guard, but a handy yet sometimes condescending message appears to save the day, mental note to self “need toilet roll and glue to make paper Mache, then combine the two to make a fake vent cover”

Each new level poses an ever increasing degree of difficulty and a new place to escape from, dessert holding cells, permafrost security bases, islands of terror, POW enclosures and good old fashioned reinforced concrete walls will all test your escape methods to the limit. At least you have so many different ways of escape; the possibilities are almost endless all with only one goal Escape!

“I rate this meal 10…… out of 100” someone had a lot of fun making this game because if you pay attention to the prisoners and guards then the banter is just hilarious, is does not matter if you at dinner or in the shower or stuck in your cells because of a lockdown these little gems of conversation between the other characters is both daft and hilarious, often as I’m making my escape will i be stopped by my own crippling laughter from just a random passing comment.

Like in all games there are bad points, and sometimes you may find that you get so infuriated by it that you just have to put the controller down, like when you have a successful day of pillaging from desk’s and crafting new ways of escape just to get to the evening roll call and be subjected to a cell search, goodbye to all my hard work. Accidently thwacking another inmate or guard accidently seems to be a persistent problem for me. All I wanted to do was have a friendly chat but no; the game decides that I need to be mean. Lastly inmates that hate me just attacking me unprovoked and when i choose to fight back the guards go after me too how is that fair! This is not too much of a problem in the earlier levels but as i progressed through the game i found myself giving away all my good stuff just to keep other inmates happy an stop them from trying to lynch me.

All being said this is defiantly a game i would say to have a go at just don’t give up it can be difficult and there will be many failed escape attempts before you make your dash for freedom however you choose to do it. Live up to your name because you are The Escapist!
Gameplay and controls 4 out of 5

Although you can sometimes have trouble when trying to talk to the right person (or that could just be me) with the sheer amount of different ways to aid your escape brings the score right back up.
Sound and music
4 out of 5

All because i love the catchy little 16bit tunes I’m still humming one in my head right now. There is no speaking out loud in this game but it actually works, it’s a throwback to all those games we played as kids
Graphics 3 out of 5

The animation is rather simple when compared to other games but this game is not meant to be the next generation in HD graphics it’s all about the playability and fun.
Story/immersion/replay-ability 5 out of 5

This game has an ever changing array of items that will be different with each day. You will always have different side missions and traders that are never the same twice. I find myself going back to earlier levels to hone my escape skills so there is a lot of replayability.
Final Score 16 out of 20

This game may look and sound a bit simple but where this game truly shines is in all of the depth beneath the 16 bit tones and graphics, the multitude of different things to do will have you astounded but why take my word for go out and get the game and find out for yourself!

Happy Escaping

Watch The Trailer Here