If you are a fan of Tabletop and Card gaming, RPGs and Miniatures UK Games expo is the event for you. The largest of its kind in the UK and growing every year, there is really no comparison.

There is so much to do at this event now it’s almost impossible to know where to start!

With tournaments, fantastic traders, new playable game releases, guests & discussions as well as all the classic gaming favourites you really will be spoiled for choice! Our good friends from Esdevium Games will be there teaching you how to play some of the best games around and first looks at new titles, as well as some amazing Indie producers. Make sure to check out the wonderful guys at Yay Games, Dog Eared Games, Sopio and Hex Games to name a few.

So here are a few of my tips for attending, the main one obviously being don’t miss it! Hopefully these will help you make the most of your time at this fantastic event;

  • The event is held at the Birmingham NEC which is extremely easy to get to on public transport. However if you are traveling by car it can be a bit of a maze (my Sat Nav gave up and tried to throw itself out of the window), if you are staying nearby I would suggest looking at a hotel with parking and travel in each day. That being said local hotels can be a bit pricey so booking in Birmingham might be preferable… Also as stated this is held at the NEC, so prepare to pay a lot if you are eating and drinking on site!
  • As with all large events forward planning is the key; look at tournament and talk times and definitely put as much time as you can aside to look at all the games on the main floor.
  • Check out those Indies! Although new releases from giants such as Fantasy Flight, Asmodee and Mayfair a lot of the games from smaller companies are fantastically innovative and a lot of fun. There are so many hidden little gems here that you are sure to love so make sure you take the time to poke around a little.
  • Cosplay, at a Tabletop convention? Absolutely! A great way to break the ice with people and to showcase your passion. It can get a little warm, so bear that in mind but Cosplay adds colour and spectacle to any geeky affair so let your Cosplay flag fly!
  • If you are a budding developer or want to work within the Tabletop industry this is a great place to network. Research who will be attending from which companies and make sure to bring your business cards along and introduce yourself.
  • Bring bags….lots of bags. The curse of our love of Tabletop is sometimes lugging large unwieldy boxes around expos. This is a fact we have all learned to live with, but a wheelie case or large bag can help, if not cure this fact of gaming life.
  • Check out the Bring & Buy stall, but do it as early as possible! Not only do the best bargains go early but you will find yourself queuing up for half a day if you get there too late.
  • Take the time to vote in the UKGE awards, not only will you check out some fantastic games in the process but you get to support the titles that stood out to you. Tabletop in the UK has a very passionate and involved community and this is a great chance to show your support to our hardworking developers.


UK Games Expo is held on Friday 2nd – Sunday 4th June in the Birmingham NEC Hall 1 & 3a and the NEC Hilton. I wouldn’t miss it for the world and will be heading down with the wonderful Dave from Dark Cleo Productions, make sure to say hello when you see jumping around with excitement on the main floor!

For more information here are the links and have a fantastic gaming weekend!

UK Games Expo Website: http://www.ukgamesexpo.co.uk/

UK Games Expo Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/UKGamesExpo/

UK Games Expo Twitter: https://twitter.com/UKGamesExpo